Winemakers Nathan Valentine and Alexander Grier
Jeff Grier - Cellarmaster

The Villiera Cellar

Winemakers Alexander Grier and Nathan Valentine (overseen by Cellar Master Jeff Grier) craft a range of wines characterized by a strong reflection of Villiera’s unique terroir and the retention of the distinct aromas and flavours of the different varietals from our vineyards.  Natural winemaking is utilized, including spontaneous fermentation for all still wines.  Amphora have been introduced instead of, or in addition to oak, in some cases.

The Griers have been pioneers in the Cap Classique category and their innovative approach has been evident in other categories as well as in their business. The cellar is IPW certified and HACCP accredited and all Villiera wines are vegan friendly.

The Villiera cellar is functional and spacious. As wine production has increased, the cellar has expanded to accommodate this.

The first foundations were laid in the early 1940s and since the Grier family purchased Villiera in 1983, additions to the cellar have almost been an annual event. 

Today the cellar can handle 2 800 tons of grapes producing red, white and sparkling wines. The equipment utilised allows maximisation of quality potential.

At Villiera, we also believe that consumers should witness the production process in order to enhance their enjoyment of wine. Therefore, a self-guided tour, providing a bird’s eye view of activities, was established in 1996.

Villiera Barrel Cellar
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