Villiera Vineyards
Villiera Vineyards

The Villiera Vineyards

The Villiera vineyards have been run by Simon Grier since 1983 (ably assisted by vineyard managers Christie Franse and Wayne Daniels) and are approximately 170 hectares in extent. Yields are a conservative 8 tons per hectare to ensure fruit quality.

The varieties planted in the vineyards are 50% red and 50% white. The wines produced are 40% Cap Classique, 30% red and 30% white.

At Villiera, productivity is of utmost importance. Our new pruning techniques taught to the pruning team by Italian company Simonit and Sirch has greatly improved productivity of the vineyard team and uniformity, longevity and quality of the vines.

Numerous environmental considerations factor into finding the perfect balance between agricultural production and environmental conservation. There is ongoing emphasis on sustainability and on reducing our present and future carbon footprint.

Villiera is a certified member of the Old Vine project and the vineyards are IPW certified.

To gain more insight into our environmental practices view our Back Label Stories.

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