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Solar energy

Solar Power

In 2010 we installed solar panels on the roofs of three of our buildings. This was a substantial investment but the electricity supplied to the farm, has enabled us to recover the cost of the initial 950 m² installation. In 2017 additional solar panels were added to increase the installation to a total of 1155 m². We are currently producing a large portion of our own energy requirements from a completely sustainable source. In July 2022 we doubled our solar capacity which is capable of generating 340Kw of power. The total size of the installation is now 2424 m².  Surplus power will be fed into the National Grid giving Villiera the option of getting the power back when we have shortfalls in production.

In addition, the large storeroom and cellar receives its lighting requirements through solar domes. These domes were installed to further reduce our reliance on carbon-based energy production.

We took this leap of faith in 2010 to incorporate sustainable renewable energy on the farm and it was 100% the right thing to do. It has made a positive impact on our carbon footprint, which is critical to addressing the global climate crisis.

Water Conservation

Water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet but owing to global population growth, drought, and wastage it is also one of the Earth’s scarcest resources.

To address water conservation in the vineyards, aside from 40ha of dry land vineyard, the remaining 130ha is all irrigated via a sustainable drip irrigation system.

Vineyard moisture is measured using “Neutron Probes” and the vines are only irrigated when absolutely necessary and wastage is eliminated. In 2017 we installed a rainwater harvesting system. All roof water is diverted from the roofs through rudimentary filters into the irrigation dams. In a normal rainfall year this provides six million litres of quality rainwater. Drainage water and run off from the property is also stored in these dams.

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