Where it all started
Cousins Jeff and Simon Grier started the family-owned Villiera Wines outside Stellenbosch in 1983 and embarked on an extensive replanting of classic and local varietals. Cathy Brewer (née Grier) later joined the family team to head up the sales, marketing and export divisions. read more »
The Villiera Cellar
The Villiera cellar is functional and spacious. As wine production has increased, the cellar has expanded to accommodate this. The first foundations were laid in the early 1940s and since the Grier family purchased Villiera in 1983, additions to the cellar have almost been an annual event. read more »
The Villiera Vineyards
The Villiera vineyards have been run by Simon Grier since 1983 and are approximately 180 hectares in extent. Yields are a conservative 8 tons per hectare to ensure fruit quality. read more »
The Family
The Grier family is into it’s third generation as a family business. Grandfather Grier arrived in South Africa from the United Kingdom. He studied at Elsenberg and started an egg business. The second generation took it a step further and were involved in starting County Fair, an added value poultry business. The third generation were more interested in what to drink with poultry and started a wine business (Villiera) in 1983. read more »
Domaine Grier
Villiera embarked on an international venture in 2006 when they invested in a small vineyard in the Roussillon region in the South of France. read more »
The story behind the Villiera BRANDS
From the 2014 vintage of the varietal Villiera whites and from the 2013 of vintage the varietal Villiera reds, the labels will undergo a complete change to reflect all that Villiera is about (a lot has changed since the Grier family took over in 1983). read more »
Villiera Food & Wine Matching
Villiera Food & Wine Matching read more »
Accreditation and Membership
In 2006, Villiera Wines became a fully accredited member of the Wine Industry Ethical Trade Association, which was established in November 2002. The association was instrumental in bringing together stake holders in the Western Cape wine and broader agricultural industries to promote ethical trade in the agricultural sector. WIETA's mission is to improve the working conditions of employees within the agricultural industry by adhering to ethical employment practices. read more »
Environmental Awareness
Viticulturist Simon Grier has always been a keen supporter of maintaining environmentally friendly vineyard management practices. The farm has not sprayed insecticides for the past ten years and a flock of 1000 Peking ducks are responsible for some natural pest control. read more »
Social Responsibility
M'Hudi Wines is a mentorship programme between the Grier family and the Rangaka family from a neighbouring vineyard. M'Hudi Wines is 100% owned by the Rangaka's with Villiera assisting with production and marketing of some of their wines. read more »
Cousins Jeff and Simon Grier started the family-owned Villiera Wines outside Stellenbosch in 1983 and embarked on an extensive replanting of classic and local varietals. read more »
Major Awards
. read more »
Thank you for subscribing to our Newsletter
Thank you for subscribing to our Newsletter read more »
Wildlife Sanctuary / Game Drive Safari
In conjunction with two neighbours (The Cape Garden Centre and Klawervlei estate) Villiera has set aside 220ha of land as a wildlife sanctuary. read more »
Villiera Wine Club
Villiera Wine Club
Villiera Wine Club / Online Wine Shop

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